Sarah Hartman monitors and consults with Cardiopulmonary Rehab patient


Colleague Donates Money for New Equipment

Patient Pulmonary Needs Were Always Her First Priority


After 17 years as a pulmonary Rehab nurse, Sarah Hartman has retired from St. Mary Medical Center. Sarah has been an intricate part of the program and has seen the department grow and patient needs increase. “The physical abilities of patients vary after a pulmonary incident but it’s important for patients to get moving again,” explained Sarah. “Some of them are unable to use the treadmills so the need for lower impact equipment like the nu–Step machine is critical.” Seeing the need and wanting to do something about it, Sarah donated $3,750 to purchase an additional nu-Step machine.


"I have worked in pulmonary rehab for 25 years and i have seen the difference that consistently monitored maintenance therapy makes in the lives of the patients we treat. I feel a real connection to the patients and people at St. Mary Medical Center and I wanted to give something back to the community that means so much to me.”  That is Sarah. She always thinks of her patients first and how she can help them get better every day.


"Sarah is the biggest cheerleader for the program I have ever met.  For her entire career she has worked with patients who have chronic lung disease and has seen them benefit from all the pulmonary rehab programs she has been a part of."

— Jeanette Bernacki, Nurse Manager for Cardiopulmonary Rehab